Just five days after agreeing to consider new fees, the Ripon Common Council already has approved the first such new charge for Ripon residents.

   Aldermen voted 5-3 at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting to charge residents for their residential recycling services. The cost, which will be levied per residence at $10.50 per quarter, will begin in 2020.

   Supporting the decision were Alds. Rollie Peabody, Joel Brockman, Howard Hansen, Al Schreder and Doug Iverson; voting against were Alds. Jim Werch, Aaron Becker and John Splitt.

   Revenue collected from this fee in 2020 will be placed in a “special revenue fund,” and utilized in 2021 to pay for the recycling service.

  The vote comes less than a week after the council’s first budget meeting of last week Thursday, at which the council agreed to consider several new fees at a series of council meetings.

   The concept has been championed for months by Iverson, who again spoke passionately about raising revenue via fees, as he did several months ago.

   “We’ve talked about this for six months; all the letters have gone out,” he said, referring to a letter sent with sewer and water bills that alerted residents that new fees, such as a recycling fee, might be instituted. “... No one has called me, talked to me about it. I think we need to vote on this tonight so that when we go into further budget meetings, we’ll have this money available to us.”

Read the full story in the Oct. 10, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.