Horicon Bank won’t be just the backdrop against which concerts at the Village Green are played this spring and summer.

   Thanks to a hefty financial commitment, the series now will be known as the “Horicon Bank Summer Concert Series.”

   The bank has pledged to donate $45,000 total through 2021 to retain the naming rights to the series.

   It’s a commitment that Ripon Main Street says won’t just benefit the concert series itself, but downtown Ripon as a whole.

   “It’s not cheap to keep those types of events going [but] we’ve, over the years, gotten the concert series to a place where it’s been self-sustaining ... through corporate sponsorships and through beverage sales ...,” Ripon Main Street board president Tom Moniz said. “[But] we thought that there ought to be a way to turn this from being budget-neutral to something that could be seen as a revenue generator to help us generate funds to put to good work in other ways around Main Street and around the BID (Business Improvement) district.”

   This led Ripon Main Street to approach Horicon Bank about becoming the title sponsor for the concert series — the first such sponsor for the program.

   “We’ve just always loved the concert series. Craig [Tebon, Ripon Main Street manager] and Melissa [Anderson, Main Street board member] presented this to us and we thought, ‘Why not augment what we’ve been doing?’” said Jeff Liddicoat of Horicon Bank. “We’ve usually sponsored one or two bands a year and it’s right in the backyard.”

Read the full story in the May 16, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.